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Gambe рус. лапы

фр. pattes
англ. paws

или Jambe: нога leg зверя. Если couped (отрез) или отрыв по суставу, - это не jambe(нога), a paw(лапа), как на примере, данном в ст. Seal (см.)

«Or, a lion's jambe inverted and erased in bend gules» – POWIS.
«Gules, three lion's jambes erased and inverted argent» – NEWDIGATE, Surrey.
«Azure, a lion's gamb erased in fesse between two chains or; on a canton of the last a rose gules barbed and seeded proper» – Brian DUPPA, Bp. of Chichester, 1638; of Salisbury, 1641; of Winchester, 1660-62.
«Argent, a lion's gamb erased in bend sinister, claw in base, sable; a canton gules» – RIGAUD.
«Azure, two lion's gambs issuing out of the base of the escutcheon, and forming a chevron argent; between the gambs a fleur-de-lis or» – CHIPPENDALE, Leicester.
«Azure, on a bend between six mullets or, a bear's gamb couped at the knee sable» – BRETORON.
«Gules, on a bend argent three lion's paws erased azure» – SPARMAN, Suffolk.
«Sable, a maunch argent within a bordure or, charged with eight pairs of lion's paws saltireways erased gules» – Philip WHARTON.
«Monsire Thomas de VERDON, port sable, a une lyon dargent; en le paw de lyon une rouke de gules» – Roll, temp. ED. III.


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