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Fret (1) дргое название штопора wine-piercer. Fret решётка a charge consisting of two narrow bendlets placed in saltire, and interlaced with a mascle. It was been supposed to represent the meshes of a fishing-net. Being borne by the family of HARRINGTON it is found called a Harrington's knot; and riddle-makers see a connection between the Herring-town and the net. Whatever may be the origin, the term fret, or rather fretté, occurs frequently in the ancient rolls, but in many cases probably only a single fret is intended. When two or more frets are borne in the same arms they must be couped, unless each occupies an entire quarter.

«Sable, a fret argent, charged with nine fleurs-de-lis gules» – HARRINGTON of Honington Sibble, co. Essex.
«Sable, a fret or» – HARRINGTON, Essex.
«Ermine, a fret gules in chief a lion passant guardant sable» – HUDDLESTON, Upwell Hall, Cambridge.
«Gules, three lions rampant or; on a chief of the second a fret of the first» – JONES, co. Kent.
«Or, a pale gules, in chief two frets and in base another counterchanged» – BOAK.
Du bon Hue le DESPENSIER ....
Fu la baniere esquartelée
De une noir bastoun sur blanc getté
E de vermeil jaune fretté.» –
Roll of Carlaverock.
«Aymer de ST.AMONT, d'argent frette de sable ung chef de sable» – Roll, temp. HEN. III.
«Sire Johan de HOORNE, de goules a une frette de veer» – Roll, temp. ED. II.
«Hue le DE SPENSER quartele d'argent et de goules, ung bend de sable; les quartres frette d'or en le goules» – Roll, temp. HEN. III.
«Sire Laurence de HAMELDENE de argent fretté de goules e les flures de or e les nowe de la frette» – Roll, temp. ED. II.
«Monsire TRUSSELL le Cousin, port d'argent, fret gules, les joyntures pomelles d'or» – Roll, temp. ED. III.


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