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Fleam Ланцет Fleme, или Flegme: образец, как показано на иллюстрации, представляющий древний ланцет lancet, имеющийся в гербе Company of BARBER-SURGEONS.

«Quarterly first and fourth sable, a chevron between three flemes argent[i.e. arms granted 1452], second and third per pale argent and vert, a spatula in pale argent surmounted of a rose gules charged with another of the first, the first rose regally crowned proper; between the four quarters a cross of S.George gules, charged with a lion passant gardant or» – BARBERS' Company, London, [Barbers' Company incorporated, 1461: then Barbers and Surgeons united, 1540; conferred, 1630; union dissolved, 1745].
«Ermine, two surgeon's fleams in saltire gules» – TYTHERLEY, Hants.
«Sable, three fleams argent» – RENDACY.
«Argent, a chevron gules between three fleams or» – CHETHAM, co. Derby.
«Gules, two dirks in saltire argent, points downwards, hilts and pomels or, in base a lancet open proper» – M'KAILE, Aberdeen.


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