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Fire-ball, (фр. bombe): бомба, или гренада, с огнём, исходящим из отверстия в верхушке, или иногда из двух и более отверстий. для термина Firebrand, см. Torch

«Azure, a fire-ball or flamed proper» – DANCASTER, co. Berks, granted 1556.
«Argent, a fire-ball proper held in the dexter paw of a lion rampant sable» – BALL, co. Chester.
«Argent, an eagle displayed or; in chief a navel crown between two bombs of the last fired proper» – GRAVES.
«Sable, on a fesse ermine between three mullets of the last a bomb-shell bursting proper» – BENSLEY, London.
«Argent, a chevron between three fire-balls sable fired in four places» – BALL, Devon[but it is also blazoned elsewhere as between three balls sable with four tassels].
«Argent, on a fesse gules between three grenados sable fired proper a plate» – SILVERTOP, Northumberland.
«Ermine, a lion rampant sable between in chief two torteaux, and in base a hand grenade exploding proper» – BALL, Norfolk.
«Paly of six or and gules, on a chief engrailed ermine three hand grenades proper» – BOYCOTT, Norfolk.


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