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Finches Вьюрки это название включает в себя ряд птиц семейства зябликовых, примеры которых встречаются в геральдических описаниях. Зачастую с этими тицами встречаются только единичные примеры, и некоторые птицы появляются только в связи со своим названием. Так, например, следующие фамилии The Goldfinch(carduelis - щеглы); the Bulfinch(pyrrhula- снегирь); the Chaffinch(fringilla cœlebs - зяблик); the Brambling(fringilla montifringilla - вьюрок Евро-азиатский зяблик); the Canary(fringilla canaria – зяблик канареечный); the Linnet(fringilla cannabina - коноплянка), and the Pinzon. This last is the only one of the series which occurs in any of the old rolls, and it has evidently been chosen for the sake of the name. It is not quite certain what is the bird meant, but it has been supposed to be the chaffinch, i.e. the modern fr. pinson. It has not, however, been found possible to fix upon the equivalents of the above in the French lists of arms.

«Argent, a chevron sable between three goldfinches proper» – MOLENICK, Cornwall. [Borne also by GOULDSMITH, Kent, and GOOLD, co. Cork.]
«Or, a fesse between three bulfinches proper» – ALPIN.
«Azure, on a bend invected argent between three crescents, each surmounted by a mullet of eight points or as many chaffinches proper» – CHAFFERS, Liverpool.
«Argent, three bramblings proper; a chief gules» – BRAMBLEY.
«Sable, on a bend or, three canary birds proper» – KINNEIR of that Ilk.
«Azure, a chevron argent between three linnets proper» – CARDALE, Hagley, 1590.
«Sire ... MOUNPYNZON, de argent a un lion de sable a un pinzon de or en le espandle[i.e. on the shoulder]» – Roll, temp. ED. II.
«Vert, on a chevron argent, between three plates, each charged with a pyncheon(i.e. goldfinch) proper, as many pansies, stalked proper» – MORGAN, Bp. of S.David's, 1554-59(grant A.D. 1553, College of Arms).


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