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Faces лица Во французских гербах человеческое лицо иногда встречается на геральдических фигурах, таких, как круги, и т.д., а в английских гербах лицо обычно имеет солнце. Leopards' and bucks' faces also occur, signifying that the head is caboshed, i.e. shewing only the front portion, and badly expressed. Bacchus' faces is a term also found, but in this case it would have been more correct if they had been blazoned heads.

«Argent, a fesse humetty gules: in chief three leopard's faces of the second» – BRABANT.
«Argent, a fesse dancetty gules; in chief three leopard's faces sable» – Sir John POUNTNEY[Lord Mayor of London, 1330, 31, and 33-36].
«Argent, on a chevron engrailed sable, between three estoiles gules streaming on the dexter side downwards in bend or, three buck's faces of the first» – AYLIFF, co. Wilts.
«Argent, three Bacchus' faces, couped at the shoulders clothes gules» – BROMALL.


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