Cross, §19

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§19. Cross A Cross fitchy(fr. fichée) is a plain cross having the lower member pointed, but the term fitchy is very frequently applied to various kinds of crosses, and more especially to the crosslets, and sometimes to the cross crosslets. Крест fitchy(fr. fichée) – обыкновенный крест, имеющий заострённый ствол, но термин fitchy очень часто относится к различным видам крестов, и особенно к crosslets, а иногда к cross crosslets. Monsire John d'ARDERNE, port gules vi crois d'or fitche, le cheif d'or» – Roll, temp. ED. III. Monsire John D'ESTRIVELYN, sable a trois coupes d'argent croisele argent as peds agus» – Ibid. Argent, a cross crosslet fitched sable» – SCOTT. Sable, a bend between six crosslets fitchy» – LAKE, Bp. of Bath and Wells, 1616-26. Gules, a cross patty fitched at foot or» – Sir Gilbert HEYTON, Harl. MS. 6589. Argent, a cross fitchy at base gules» – POTESFORD Church, Devon. There is a cross of the peculiar shape is the margin which(for want of a better name) has been called a cross double fitched. It is not known to what family the representation found belongs. Argent, a cross double fitched argent ..... [a coat existing at Quorndon, Leicestershire].


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