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Church Церковь Довольно часто встречается в гербах в последнее время, но, кажется, не имеет особенных характеристик, которые можно отметить примерами, и способ изображения церкви кажется весьма произвольным. Это так на знаке города the Burgh of CULROSS.

«Azure, a fesse or, in base a church argent» – TEMPLETON.
«A church with a spire; on the dexter chief the sun in splendour, on the sinister a crescent; at the dexter end of the church three ears of corn on one stalk, at the sinister end of the church a saltire» – Seal of town of ASHBURTON, Devon.
«Azure, a perspective view of the church of S.Servanus, shewing the south side, in which there is a gate, with a window on each side; the top of the west end[!] of the church ensigned with a passion cross; in the west end another gate, and two windows over it and one window over the two last; a square steeple terminating the building towards the east[!], above the battlements of which is a cupola ensigned with a ball on the top of a rod, all argent masoned sable» – Burgh of CULROSS, Scotland.

Вместе с церковью может быть сгруппирован кафедральный собор или капелла cathedral chapel ((fr. chapelle). Такое встречается только в одном или двух современных гербах.

«Azure, on a cross argent, between four suns or, a Cathedral church gules» – NICHOLSON, Virginia[granted 1693-4].
«Per fesse argent and vert, a chapel of the first, roofed gules between four escallop shells counterchanged» – CHAPPELL, Cambridgeshire.

Beneath the same heading will be conveniently noted the Porch, the Shrine, and the Alter-tomb.

«Gules, three porches of churches with double doors expanded argent» – LESINGTON.
«.... A shrine of Gothic work; over it an angel holding an escutcheon gules; three lions passant guardant in pale or» – Seal of borough of WILTON, Wiltshire.
«Gules, on an alter-tomb a lamb passant guardant argent carrying a banner of the last charged with a cross of the first, resting the dexter forefoot on a mound or» – Augustinian College of ASHRIDGE, co. Buckingham.


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