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рус. — мерка (хлебная)
франц. — boisseau (à blé)
англ. — 1. bushel; 2 ?corn barrel




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  • «In the only example of this charge, it is shown as a barrel, but the Fr. word represents a dry measure of 12.5 litres. In Eng., the measurement is different: four pecks or eight gallons, although there are many regional variations. The derivation is possibly from OF boiste, MF boîte, box; or, more likely as far as its use here is concerned, from OF boise, MedL buza, buta, meaning butt in Eng., and therefore a barrel. Another possibility is from OF boucal, from Lat buticellum, keg, which was a butt or other vessel made of hise, and which was used as a container for liquids».
  • «Unité de mesure ancienne pour des matières sèches, souvent les céréales. Représenté en bois cerclé de métal avec parfois avec un manche vertical».

Boisseau: «Mesure de capacité pour grains».