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Fritillaria imperialis clones Liliaceae The Crown Imperial is reputedly the only flower that did not bow its head on the Via Dolorosa. Ever since it has bowed its head and cried "tears" (of nectar) when the flower is lightly tapped. These are top sized Dutch-grown bulbs. For several years we have looked for a reliable source of good bulbs and at last we have re-introduced a good range. I hope that you will like them. The flowers are sumptuous and the wonderful foxy smell of the bulbs is the epitome of early autumn days spent in the packing shed! If these interest you, do also see the species related to Crown Imperials that we also list :- eduardii, persica Senköy, persica Ivory Bells and raddeana. These are all top sized Dutch-grown bulbs especially grown for us and in perfect condition. ________________________________________ Fritillaria imperialis Aureomarginata

One of the scarcest of our forms, this carries 80-100cm stems with orange-red flowers and golden edged and striped leaves and flower bracts. This wondrous plant has remained in cultivation since 1665. It makes a much smaller bulb than the other forms and is slower to propagate. £12.50 ________________________________________ Fritillaria imperialis Argenteovariegata

A stunner, but one which is hardly ever seen. Vivid red-orange flowers which contrast well with the silvery white variegations on the leaves. Totally distinct from the yellow edged leaves of "Aureomarginata" - as you might expect, although few people know that there is more than one variegated clone. A remarkable plant, if anything even better than the yellow variagated form, it has been preserved in gardens since at least 1771, we have just a few, nice FS bulbs for the first time in our 30 year history. A great rarity. £21.50 ________________________________________ Fritillaria imperialis Aurora

Orange-red flowers with very fine purple veining all over the petals, the nectar pores are thinly edged in purple. crop failed ________________________________________ Fritillaria imperialis inodora (chitralensis) This is a rarity from Turkestan and Kashmir. The colour ranges from bronze to a smokey orange-red, and the flowers are made on a shorter (55cm) stem, itself produced from a smaller bulb than is normal for the group. The bulbs are virtually free of the characteristic foxy smell of the typical plant. A valuable addition to the range of variation within Crown Imperials, and only the second time that we have offered this in 29 years! sold out for 2002 ________________________________________ Fritillaria imperialis Lutea

The yellow Crown Imperial with lovely clear yellow blooms which are faintly crazed with thin moss-green veining. The nectar pores are white but in this form are bordered again with moss green, rather than the more usual purple. Petals up to 5cm long by 3.5cm wide. £4.00 ________________________________________ Fritillaria imperialis Premier

Flowers of soft tangerine with faint purple veining on the petals. The nectar pores are white bordered with deep violet-black. The anthers are white. Petals in this form are large, some 6cm long by 3cm across, and it is one of the boldest. . crop failed ________________________________________ Fritillaria imperialis Prolifera This vigorous cultivar also used to be known as "Kroon op Kroon". When well-grown it has 2 superimposed whorls of flowers, the crown on crown of the name. The flowers are orange with purple veins, and greenish-black borders around the white nectaries. Petals are 5.5cm by 2.5cm, the inners slightly wider than the outers. £3.80 ________________________________________ Fritillaria imperialis Rubra

Deep flame-orange flowers which verge on red, the outside shaded with carmine. There are faint veins on the petals which are some 6.5 cm by 4cm. It has been stressed to us that this is the true plant and not simply a small bulb of rubra maxima, which is considered a different plant. £3.80 ________________________________________ Fritillaria imperialis Slagzwaard This is also know as "fasciata" and has been in cultivation since 1771. The flowers are a shade of brown-infused red with the flower stems invisibly fused into one another. £4.00 ________________________________________ Fritillaria imperialis Sulpherino

Rescued from oblivion by the Hortus Bulborum in Limmen, this has flowers of soft tangerine-orange with delicate carmine tracery and a yellow margin, the exterior with a purplish flush. The petals are 5cm by 3cm. Nectaries white, bordered greenish black. A lovely and intriguing combination of colours. £5.60 ________________________________________ Fritillaria imperialis Willam Rex A rare form with flowers of dark bronze-red – and a “smokey” colouration. This is a slender plant, which makes smaller bulbs than any of the other forms, but very distinctive and lovely.


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