Брейгель Младший, Питер

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Pieter Brueghel the Younger was the elder of two sons born just a few years before their father's, Pieter Bruegel the Elder's death. (The father spelled his name Brueghel until 1559, and his sons retained the "h" in the spelling of their names.) Known as "Hell Brueghel" because of his fascination with hobgoblins, fires, and grotesque figures, he made his career in Antwerp, where he became a master in the guild in 1585. He is best known as a copyist of his father's paintings, as they were both popular and scarce. In his own canvases, such as Village Fair and The Crucifixion, he shows a firm grasp of space and movement. His son, Pieter Brueghel III (1589-?1640), was also known primarily as a copyist.

001 - Adoration of the Magi - Tempera on wood, 39 x 55,5 cm National Gallery, Prague

002 - Winter Landscape with a Bird-trap - Oil on panel, 40 x 57 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid

003 - Battle of Carnival and Lent - Oil on wood, 121,3 x 171,5 cm Mus赌es Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels

004 - Crucifixion 1617 Oil on wood, 82 x 123 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

005 - Massacre of the Innocents 1610s Oil on panel transferred to canvas, 115 x 164 cm Private collection

006 - The Kermesse of St George 1628 Oil on oak panel, 117 x 176 cm Private collection

007 - Proverbs - Oil on canvas, 123 x 164 cm Rockox House, Antwerp

008-014 - Proverbs (detail) - Oil on canvas Rockox House, Antwerp

015 - Village Lawyer 1621 Oil on panel, 74,8 x 122 cm Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Ghent

016 - Village Feast - Oil on wood, 114 x 161 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

017 - The Wedding Dance in a Barn c. 1616 Oil on oak panel, 74 x 106 cm Private collection

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